Portrait of Chapman, Daisy

Chapman, Daisy

April 17, 1998

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Daisy Chapman and Professor Homer Chapman, a legendary couple who have had a century of life and a profound impact on world agriculture, recall the early days of the Citrus Experiment Station before the campus was founded.
Excerpt from Transcript
Erickson: Daisy Chapman has consented to talk a little bit about her experiences in Riverside. Daisy, do you remember what it was like when you first came to Riverside?

Daisy Chapman: What year would that have been, Homer?

Pause. (Dr. Chapman had not heard the question).

Daisy Chapman: Tell him.

Erickson: What year did Daisy come to Riverside?

Chapman: Oh, 1928.

Erickson: 1928. That was the year you were married.

Daisy Chapman: At the Inn. The Mission Inn.

Chapman: She and her aunt came out on the train and stayed with her aunt and uncle and daughter who lived in Los Angeles.

Daisy Chapman: Dorothy Herwig.

Chapman: She stayed there overnight, a couple of nights. The day had been set for March 10. They brought her out. So we had just a small group for our wedding. There were a couple of very close friends of her family.

Daisy Chapman: From Louisville.

Chapman: No one from my family was here at the time.

Erickson: So it was a small wedding. Were you married in the chapel?

Chapman: It was in the chapel.

Daisy Chapman: In the small chapel. Yes. And where did we have our feast?

Chapman: What?

Erickson: Where was the dinner, Homer?

Chapman: As I recall, we were married at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. We finished the service, we got in my old Model T Fordů

Daisy Chapman: chuckle

Chapman: Then Daisy and I drove to Palm Springs.

(collective sighs of approval)

Erickson: Oh, that is nice.

Daisy Chapman: Boy, Palm Springs looked at us!

Chapman: I made a reservation at then-leading hotel, The Miramar Hotel. We drove up between all the Packards and Pierce Arrows and Cadillacs in this old run-down Ford. But we were oblivious.


Daisy Chapman: We didn't know.

Chapman: to everything else. We registered and stayed there over the weekend. I didn't have any vacation coming because I had only been on my job six months. So, we enjoyed our stay there.

Erickson: You made some really wonderful friends, didn't you?

Daisy Chapman: Oh, yes. And then I played bridge. You know how that is.

Chapman: She belonged to two or three bridge clubs.

Erickson: Oh, so you played often.

Daisy Chapman: Weekly. We also were good in the church, Presbyterian Church. And he was busy with his things. Kiwanis and all of that.

Erickson: Had the Campus Club started up by then?

Daisy Chapman: Yes. It was.

Erickson: So you were a member of that.

Daisy Chapman: Yes. I joined everything.

Erickson: Did you join Affiliates, too?

Daisy Chapman: No, the Affiliates were just getting started.

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