Portrait of Costo, Jeannette Henry


August 10, 1998

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Jeannette Costo, a strong outspoken leader in the Native American community, discusses the prominent role Native Americans played on the founding of the UC Riverside campus.
Excerpt from Transcript

Erickson: You said that you were an orphan and placed in different homes.
When would you say that you left there?

Costo: I didn't leave. I got kicked out.
You mean when I was able to go out on my own?

Erickson: Yes.

Costo: When I was about seven.

Erickson: Oh, Jeannette! My goodness.

Costo: I have a picture I've been trying to find of me and my brother.
A couple of... dressed in rags going from one place to the other.
I'll find it and send it to you.

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