Portrait of Hays, Howard H

Hays, Howard H

July 29, 1998

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Tim Hays, nationally respected journalist and publisher, discusses the relationship among a community, a university and a newspaper. He was one of a group of community leaders responsible for the establishment of a campus of the University of California at Riverside.
Excerpt from Transcript
Erickson: Would you talk about your interest in the CMP, the California Museum of Photography?

Hays: I liked the concept and was supportive and tried to be helpful in raising money for a location downtown. I became good friends with Charles Demaris.

Erickson: Yes.

Hays: I was a good friend of Charles Demaris at the time he was taking it over. But I was interested in it in earlier days. Incidentally, Ivan Hinderaker was really the key guy there.

Erickson: Is that right?

Hays: There was a fellow from Sacramento

Erickson: Oh, yes. Mead Kibbey.

Hays: Mead Kibbey was very instrumental. Between them, they landed the big collection.

Erickson: The Keystone Mast?

Hays: Yes. The Keystone Mast Collection. They were responsible for that. But I was sticking my toe in lots of things, meddling in lots of things and I did get into that. I became a partner of Mead Kibbey in some of the early purchases that were made. I can remember that we (pause) the very famous photographer that lived up in northern California

Erickson: You mean Ansel Adams?

Hays: Ansel Adams. We got some Ansel Adams stuff at a great bargain because he knew that we were going to be passing it along to the school.

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