Portrait of Orbach, Eva S.

Orbach, Eva S.

September 28, 1998

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Eva Orbach, Associate of the Chancellor, discusses the spouse's role and the relationship between the chancellor and spouse in developing social ties to the broader community.
Excerpt from Transcript
Orbach: And then there was the assembly. The gym was packed, and there was a podium, and there were various dignitaries up there, including Ray. And he basically just opened it up for questions.

Erickson: It was a very well-welcomed reception, wouldn't you say?

Orbach: It was, it was wonderful.

Erickson: And the biggest applause of the day I think was please, you say.

Orbach: Yes. When Ray was asked the question, "Where were you going to live?" And he said, "Well, we plan to live in the Chancellor's Residence." That's all he said, and the place erupted into applause.

Erickson: And were you aware of the sensitivities over that?

Orbach: No, none. Had no idea.

Erickson: You just assumed that you would live there?

Orbach: We wanted to. We had looked at other places because, at that time, since the residence had not been lived in as a home for a long time, it was a pretty sad looking place. But the more we looked, the more we decided that, no, this would be our home, and we would make a home out of it.

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